Why Leaders Needs to Encourage Their Teams to Fail!

Welcome to Episode 9 of The Leadership Detectives.

In this episode, we take a deep dive into the concept of “failure”.

“Failure” has become a dirty word in the world of leadership, and it has been subjected to a reframing of context.

Is it better to fail often? To aim high, even if you don’t reach? And just because you fail, does that make you a failure?

About Albert

Albert is keen to share his learnings from climbing the leadership ladder from Team Leader to Manager to Executive over a 30+ year career in corporate IT Services. His experience includes being the formally appointed leader of teams as small as 10 and businesses in excess of 1,200 employees, whilst also voluntarily being mentor to existing Managers/Executives looking to improve/progress and Professionals aspiring to leadership.

About Neil

Neil is passionate about leadership and enabling people to be the best leaders they can be. After 30 years leading small and large national and global teams for a large corporate, he has spent the past 5 years helping companies from many industries and of every size to shape and develop their businesses and leaders.