MILLENIALS: THE FUTURE LEADERS. A great interview with 2 mid 20 year old professional ladies

In this episode, Albert and Neil are joined by 2 mid-20-year-old professional ladies to help us understand more about how to motivate, retain and grow your young employees and future leaders.
We cover so much in this session that is incredibly valuable to anyone that manages or leads millennials.
The key learning points revolve around:
  1. The importance that your business has an ambitious vision, and that they lead by example
  2. how important it is to give feedback on how they can do their job better, but also the importance of seeking their feedback so that their opinion and ideas are valued
  3. Setting clear objectives that allow them to know what is required from them. Not detailed objectives, but clear outcomes
  4. Providing growth opportunities, investing in their skills and career development
  5. The importance of having mentoring programmes
  6. Having a culture in the business that is aligned with their values
and we also find out how important Love Island and Avocado on toast are in retaining your millennial top talent.

About Albert

Albert is keen to share his learnings from climbing the leadership ladder from Team Leader to Manager to Executive over a 30+ year career in corporate IT Services. His experience includes being the formally appointed leader of teams as small as 10 and businesses in excess of 1,200 employees, whilst also voluntarily being mentor to existing Managers/Executives looking to improve/progress and Professionals aspiring to leadership.

About Neil

Neil is passionate about leadership and enabling people to be the best leaders they can be. After 30 years leading small and large national and global teams for a large corporate, he has spent the past 5 years helping companies from many industries and of every size to shape and develop their businesses and leaders.